Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Women and Fitness.

Fitness always last choice  for some women. We are always busy in taking care of family, kids’ activities, daily chores and get exhausted by the end of the day.

We never realize how important fitness is especially for African American, Asian women because they are more prone to getting osteoporosis, diabetes and Heart attack .  I saw my mother in-law suffering and now my mom. My feeling is if we can spend few minutes daily to exercise we will give our body a great asset.

I first started working out with baby steps walking with my friends Sushma and Manisha regularly and then later I met my friend Anu who is trainer at fitness club she wanted me try Pilate reformer class one day and then I started taking strength training. I go there regularly and I also do running and sometimes walk at my office during lunch time . I started feeling good about exercise and now I’m enjoying my self.

I feel that anyone can start first with baby steps by walking or by taking stairs or walking in the parking lot.

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